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Hello there, come on in and pull up a comfy chair. If you can't find one free, just push all the piles of clothing or paperwork onto the floor - this place is never tidy but it's home! I'll stick the kettle on in a mo, but let me introduce myself first. I'm Sue, the madwoman who runs this site. It's not going to be anything flash *groan* - only a place to gather some favourite links and a few photos, really.

Minor update! OK ok, I know this site has been well and truly neglected.  I have been meaning to update it, but I've been so busy I don't know where to start!  I want to overhaul the whole thing but it will have to wait - I don't know where the time mum would say that's a sign of advancing years, lol! 

In truth, my main problems timewise in the last few years really can be summed up as follows - too many concerts....and far too much listening to the radio!  So if Matt W, Scott, Tim, Julian, Dave, Tammy, Nick S, Caroline, Nick J, Mike, Nino, Schooly, Matt H, Andy, Michelle, James, Neil or Simon happen to be reading's all your fault!   Hehehe!

Anyway.  This site is going to be permanently under construction, so please don't expect too much... And just remember - I never said it would be interesting!

Right, while I wait for the kettle to boil, please feel free to have a look around. Oh one more thing - I'm sorry about the red text, hope you can read it ok. Something else on the "to do one day but probably not for ages" list, I'm afraid!






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As the content keeps mysteriously vanishing, I have closed my guestbook for now. However I shall leave a link to those posts which were archived before the problems hit.

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