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Joanna's BRMB tour of Guernsey!

Once upon a time, a little girl went with her mummy and her brother to Guernsey to attend a wedding.  Here are some of the places she visited while she was there....


Well, here she is at Pembroke, with a view of L'Ancresse behind her. What a lovely sunny afternoon it was....

lancresse01.jpg (35171 bytes)
lancresse02.jpg (23528 bytes)

...shame she didn't have her sunnies with her!

Asleep at the guest house, the eve of the Big Day...

(actually she's acting - but pretty convincing, eh?!)

goodnight.jpg (31927 bytes)
church01.jpg (43680 bytes)

Outside the church waiting for the wedding party to arrive...

Inside the church....still waiting!

church02.jpg (44885 bytes)
stpeterport.jpg (28712 bytes)

In St Peter Port, shopping - Castle Cornet and one of the yacht marinas in the background

Being a"tourist" at the famous Little Chapel...

littlechapel.jpg (52151 bytes)
guernseycandles.jpg (43918 bytes)

...and making a candle at Guernsey Candles.


And that is the end of Joanna's BRMB tour of Guernsey.