My Children

Well here is where I can tell you what Luke and Joanna are up to!

Luke and Joanna school photo 2002 Luke attended Amherst infants and Junior schools, then a local First School for a couple of terms, followed by 4 years at Middle School. He is currently in the 6th form at Grammar School, having passed all his GCSEs. His main interests are computer and Playstation games, and playing football - I've been told by an unbiased friend that he is quite a talented goalkeeper.  Luke has recently joined a drama group, and we are looking forawrd to seeing his first performance with them before too long. He has taken Kung-Fu lessons in the past, so I won't tell you that he just asked me to describe him as a 'musical whizz-kid'!!! He is also currently involved in a project with some friends to create their own computer game.

Update: October 2007.
Luke has now started at Bolton University, studying game design. A couple of weeks in he seems to be loving it. Needless to say, we are all extremely proud of him.

Luke and Joanna both like swimming, and attended swimming lessons until they got to about the 800m stage. They are also both keen performers, having both acted, sung and danced their way through numerous performances by Maverick Youth Arts.

Joanna is a bit of a handful at times, but really sweet usually. She is in year 7 at Middle School, and she quite likes it there, although I suspect not quite as much as she liked her First School! She is totally adorable to look at, and I am pleased to report, has now stopped sucking her thumb! Our dentist will be pleased!  She can be very boisterous, but is also into Lego and cuddly toys. Joanna was involved with a dance club at First School and the performances were very impressive, I'm sure if one starts up at her current school she would be interested in taking it up again. Joanna was also a "Gymbob" which is "Tumble Tots" for school aged children, although she is too old now to stay with them. Jo recently participated in a singing group, and used to belong to the netball club; she still has touch-typing lessons, and did I mention that she's a Brownie, too?

....Joanna is also almost as passionate about Darren Hayes, Savage Garden, David Tennant and Doctor Who as I am! 

Joanna's school photo 2002


Joanna with Darren Hayes Here is Joanna with Darren Hayes in October 2002.  He was brilliant with her and just watching them together will remain a treasured memory for me.  The meet and greet was also filmed, so I only hope it doesn't make the DVD because I'm sure I probably made a right fool of myself as per usual, lol! We met Darren again in 2004 at a 'listening party' for his album The Tension And The Spark, and again he didn't disappoint.



I have an older brother who lives with his family in Plymouth. My Mum, sister, brother-in-law and nieces live in Guernsey. Sadly my father is no longer with us. Having suffered from heart trouble for 13 years, he developed stomach cancer, and died in 1998. We all still miss him like mad...which I guess is the price we pay for being a close family.

I have an uncle and cousins in Stockport too, but we don't all meet up very often. Not that we wouldn't like to, but the travel can be difficult at times - especially when trying to fit it into the school holidays.