My Amazon review of Spin

"Well I have Spin on repeat on my CD player, and if you are into pop music - especially if you're an 80's child - it's a great listen! The opening track Strange Relationship is one of my favourites at the moment, but this changes from day to day - Spin, Like It Or Not, Heart Attack, Creepin' Up On You, Good Enough, What You Like....I love them all. There are a few ballards, which were always a strong point for Darren as a songwriter, but there is a lot to dance to on here as well. I am really into Heart Attack at the mo, and can't think of many others who could successfully combine such an upbeat sound with such angry/bitter lyrics!

I admit I wasn't sure about a couple of songs to begin with - the title track being one of them but now I really like it, so it's worth giving the album a few spins (sorry!) before making up your mind. The first single, Insatiable, is very steamy, and Dirty is more than a little naughty as you might guess from the title!! Crush (1980 ME) perfectly parodies the style of music in 1983 without being the slightest bit unkind. There are several tracks on here that are very moving - I Miss You is an obvious one but Good Enough, I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You and Like It Or Not are all beautiful too.

My absolute favourite album of the last year or so, and there is not a single track I would skip. The dilemma is rather whether to put one on repeat or to go to the next great song!

Well done Mr Hayes - here's to much success in the future!"


My rollingstone.com review of Spin

"Spin - an awesome solo debut for Darren Hayes."
Well, I have listened to Spin many times now and I cannot fault it. I was a big fan of Savage Garden, but was very worried that I might not care much for Darren's solo work.....how wrong I was to have worried! Yes the difference is evident, but the voice and the style of the songwriting is unmistakably Darren's, and I love it! I can't choose a favourite song on the album, because it changes all the time! However my current faves are Heart Attack, Like It Or Not and Spin. Sometimes I find I have to hear a song a few times to really appreciate it - and that is true of a couple on Spin, including the title track. However, there is not a single song I would skip when playing the album." Rated 5/5.


My a-ha.com review of the a-ha concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 25th June 2002 is rather long, so I have given it a a page all to itself!

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Royal Albert Hall

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